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About Us

SRS Security Agency specializes in employing off-duty and retired law enforcement personnel with years of training and experience for armed security positions. We believe in working closely with our clients to maximize a successful relationship, while controlling costs.

We are not a mass employer of security guards but instead recruit, select, and train only those individuals whose orientation and motivation are in congruence with our Mission Statement. Our highly trained force consists primarily of former police officers, as well as other retired law enforcement personnel and unarmed security officers with years of experience and dedication.


Our Mission

The "Mission” of SRS Security Agency is to provide expert protection and security services that always go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Through training, leadership and adhering to a strict code of conduct, we provide an environment where our officers set the standard for protection and security services.

It is our vision to become the leading provider of security solutions, ensuring that we are the best in our field. This will be established on the basis of expertise, professionalism, mutual respect, honesty and diligence in developing key working relationships with both our clients and officers. We will provide expertise in the following areas of security protection:


SORA Training

July 2024 SORA Schedule

Renewal Class - Saturday, July 14 at 8:00 AM

Initial Class - Saturday & Sunday, July 14 & 15 at 8:00 AM

Location: 279 Belmont Avenue, Haledon, NJ

Please call 973-856-0789 with any questions


"get trained, get licensed, get paid"

SRS Security Agency employs experienced professionals to provide high quality SORA (Security Officer Registration Act) training. All of our instructors are certified by NJ State police to train both Armed and Unarmed officers. Upon completion of all required SORA classes, our students are equipped with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed in the security industry. We also offer CPR, AED and First Aid training and certification. Contact us at (973) 856-0786 or email for schedule of future classes.

We also offer training in handcuffing and baton use, as well as all firearms qualifications through our strategic partner, Gun for Hire. Click or call Gun for Hire at 888-486-3674 for schedule of future class schedules.


Loss Prevention

SRS Security Agency provides loss prevention services to a variety of corporate cleints. Our officers are fully trained and understand the objective with customer service in mind. We provide un-uniformed, highly visible officers at all entrances and exits, which provide a presence that has been proven a successful deterrant. We assure retail companies achieve their objectives while reducing their bottom line security costs.  

Armed Escort Services


The armed escort Division of SRS Security Agency was formed to provide armed off duty police police protection while transporting diamonds and other high value items. To provide the level of protection necessary for this service, we developed a network of duty law enforcement or NJ licensed as retired law enforcement officers for all escorts, pickup and delivery or transport services across the state of New Jersey and neighboring areas.

Executve Protection


SRS Security Agency offers expert armed and unarmed executive/personal protection agents, personal bodyguards, and transportation/security escort services throughout the tri-state area. Whether you require one officer or a team of officers, we provide personal security for VIPs, celebrities, executives, and other at-risk individuals needing specialized protective services.

Residential Security


Safety and security should be the number one priority of any residential neighborhood, or condomium neighborhood. SRS Security Agency develops and implements effective and adaptive security solutions for all types and sizes of residential communities.  We recognize the need to provide peace of mind and protection while not creating an overprotective environment that feels overbearing. We can focus our services on access control/parcel inspection, doormen/front desk, loss prevention, armed or uniformed officers, and much more.

Corporate Security


SRS Security Agency will respond to emergency situations to prevent threats from developing by controlling access points, monitoring parking lots, and patrolling the grounds. Whether a full time armed officer or part time security guard is required, we will keep your people, proerty and profits safe and secure.

Event Services


The events service division of SRS Security Agency provides comprehensive security programs for
all types of types of public events. We provide our clients with professional and expertly managed
special event security services in a proactive manner that addresses today’s many security challenges.

Campus Security


SRS Security Agency provides protection to our school campuses to deter disruptive behavior, theft, vandalism, acts of violence, the presence of drugs, alcohol, contraband, and illegal weapons. Our officers provide security and ensure the safety of students, faculty and visitors in the school buildings and surrounding premises by patrolling, verifying identity, escorting visitors, and by challenging unauthorized personnel.

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